3 New Royalty-Free Music Downloads

Hello! We have 3 new royalty-free music downloads available for you all. Just a reminder that customers can use these tracks without limitation. There are no view limits or project limits. No gimmicks! If you purchase the track, you have my permission to use this music and make money with it. The only thing I […]

What to Do if You Receive a Copyright Claim!

Copyright claim? Don’t worry! If you used some of our music on YouTube and received a copyright claim, don’t freak out! The music you purchased is indeed royalty-free and you have every right to monetize it on YouTube or elsewhere. Why is this happening? If a copyright claim occurs, it is most likely because someone […]

What Does “Royalty-Free” Mean?

What Does “Royalty-Free” Mean? There is often a lot of confusion about what “royalty-free” means. Here’s some information to clear up any confusion you may have. What’s the deal with royalty-free? What does royalty-free mean? Here’s a great description: Royalty-free, or RF, refers to the right to use copyrighted material or intellectual property without the […]