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Chris Collins — Ambient and Meditation Music Composer

Chris Collins

Music Composer

Hi! I am a music composer specializing in ambient, meditation, and soundtrack music. I started writing music over 10 years ago with the mission to offer affordable background music options to independent creators. After purchasing a license, you may use the music in the background of your creation on a royalty-free basis (according to my terms).

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Chris Collins Meditation Music Collection

Get over 70 relaxing meditation tracks in the Chris Collins Meditation Music Collection, with over 15 hours of music for your projects. Extended versions also included!

Check the guidelines for use before purchasing.

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Looking for the right track?

Try my brand new Spotify playlist or artist page to find the perfect meditation track for your project. You can also listen on Insight Timer. Come back to this site to license the music once you’ve decided which track(s) you like best!

My Pledge to You:

This website is free of AI content. The music you hear is created from real, human passion and heart.

Please help me in my mission to prevent art from being automated! It is one of the best things about humanity. We can’t let that go!

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