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Royalty-Free Music for Podcasts and Radio used in Mostly Minutia, a Podcast by Colleen Lindl

in Customer Features on October 29, 2015

A big thanks goes out to our customer, Colleen Lindl for sharing her excellent podcast, Mostly Minutia, which uses a bunch of our tracks in an episode! Episode 8 has several songs from our royalty-free music for podcasts library. Here’s a synopsis of the episode:

He’s a Scientist. She’s a Coordinator for a Suicide Prevention Center. Hear the story of how Jane Duong and Chris Killer became the Killer’s. It all started when Jane decided to set her OK Cupid profile out to Jerusalem.

Listen to the podcast!

Royalty-Free Music Used in the Podcast


This is a preview of the track. The full audio is 1:24 in length.


Orange + Blue

This is a preview of the track. The full audio is 4:17 in length.


Waiting in the Woods

This is a preview of the track. The full audio is 4:28 in length.

More Royalty-Free Music for Podcasts

Our royalty-free archive is full of independently composed music that you can purchase, download, and use in your next podcast, radio show, film, video game, or anything else you can think of. It’s not just royalty-free music for podcasts. The sky is the limit!

It’s so great to hear the music in peoples projects, so if you buy a track and use it like Colleen did, please share! Thanks so much for reading and listening to the music.

If you haven’t already listened to it, please listen to Colleen’s podcast, Mostly Minutia.

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