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Meditation Music + Humpback Whales in 4K

Meditation Music + Humpback Whales in 4K

in Customer Features on June 23, 2020

I am always happy to hear from customers who are using my music in their projects. Recently I heard from an amazing creator who is using some of my royalty-free meditation music in his gorgeous videos featuring humpback whales. Peter Schneider is a nature filmmaker specializing in the creation of nature films, documentaries, travel films, stock footage and more. He does it all, acting as cameraman, director, producer, editor, best boy, and diver. The results are outstanding and I am proud to have my music featured in his projects!

Peter ventures into the the ocean to capture these fantastic shots of humpback whales. He also captures the incomparable sounds of these gentle giants. I am impressed with how well the music combines with the sound of the whales and the breathtaking visuals Peter is able to capture. His underwater films are captured in 4K using a Sony Alpha 7Rll and panasonic GH5 and GH5s in a Easydive housing Leo 3 wi.

“When I see the young whales playing, I see joy in their behavior. Also the mother seems to enjoy the activity of their offspring. In one of the scenes in this film, you can see how the mother is pushing the baby close to the camera(man)…me in this case and I almost see a smile on her face…with a lot of phantasie ;O) Anyway, the encounter with this amazing animals almost make you cry with joy. The adults weight between 30-40 tons and the babies are born with a weight of around one ton – gaining between 80-90 kg per day. So a two month old baby whale has no problem to blow out your life with a tender kiss. But they are already so delicate and have so much body control that they almost never ever touch you… not even by accident. We have done so much harm to them in all the centuries, but they must have forgiven us. We should learn the lesson they give to us – forgiveness!”
Peter Schneider

Other 4K Nature Videos

Peter also produces other nature films in 4K, some of which feature music from Indie Music Box (such as the example below). You can follow Peter’s work on YouTube and his website.

Thank you to everyone who purchases my music to use in their projects. It means so much and I always appreciate hearing from you to see what you’ve created using it.

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