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Featured Project - Surrender: 10 Days to Letting Go by Katie O'Connor

Featured Project – Surrender: 10 Days to Letting Go by Katie O’Connor

in Customer Features on August 17, 2020

Every once and a while we like to feature a project that uses music from Indie Music Box. This recently launched course by coach Katie O’Connor is an amazing example of how our ambient meditation and relaxation music is being used out in the world. Thank you so much to Katie for using our music for this project. Learn more about the course (and Katie) below.

Katie O'ConnorAbout the Instructor

Katie O’Connor is a Relationship Coach and meditation teacher who specializes in teaching women how to turn their sensitivity into their super power. She always has something new going on, so be sure to follow her on Instagram. Currently she has two main offerings available: Surrender: 10 Days to Letting Go and a free guide called From Grumpy to Goddess (so you can get what you want in relationships)!

Surrender: 10 Days to Letting Go

Katie’s new course combines soothing music and insightful spoken word into guided journeys aimed at helping attendees surrender, let go, and grow. Journal prompts and exercises are also included throughout the 10 days, creating a comprehensive and enlightening experience. This process will bridge the gap between your head and your heart, allowing you to fully let go and move forward with confidence.

Course Contents Include:

  • Welcome Video
  • 7 Guided Audio Journeys
  • Over 40 Exercises/Prompts
  • A Lovingly Crafted 10 Day Experience

All aspects of this course are specially designed to be completed in order for the full effect.

Preview of Course

This audio preview contains three short excerpts from various sections of the course.

Surrender: 10 Days to Letting Go

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