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How to Make a Guided Meditation with Music

Guided Meditation Tutorial (Video Walkthrough)

in Articles on May 24, 2021

After writing my article “How to Make a Guided Meditation With Music” and seeing how helpful it has been for people looking to create their own guided meditations at home, I decided to make a video version of this tutorial. Watch below to learn how to easily create guided meditations with music while on a limited budget. The audio editing program we will be using in this tutorial is completely free. You will just need some equipment (which you may already have), and some music that you have obtained the rights to use. Don’t forget that I have a whole library of relaxing meditation music that you can use, after purchasing a license for royalty-free use. I hope this video will be helpful. I will also include some helpful links below the video.



Written tutorial here:

What is royalty-free music and how does it work?

MP3 Export Options:

Extra Notes

If you are having trouble recording, make sure you have the correct microphone selected within Audacity. There is a microphone dropdown menu to the right of the zoom in/out buttons. You can select your mic there!

Just a reminder to make sure you have your headphones or earbuds in while you are recording to prevent your mic from picking up the music playing as you are recording.

Record in a quiet room that isn’t too echoey! This will help a lot. You can also invest in a better microphone, which may help the sound quality.

Check out other tutorials if necessary. This tutorial assumes you are already able to install the program, get your microphone working, download the music files, etc. There are many other tutorials available online that you can look for if you need help with other specifics that aren’t covered here.

Feel free to comment your thoughts and share the guided meditation you created in the comments section below!

Thank you for watching!

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