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Featured in Award-Winning Documentary — "The Journey" by Hasan Qureshi

Featured in Award-Winning Documentary — “The Journey” by Hasan Qureshi

in Customer Features on June 7, 2021

I am honored to have my music featured in this amazing (and award-winning) documentary about the COVID-19 pandemic. The film, by Hasan Qureshi, is very moving and beautifully made. It paints an emotional and realistic picture of this turbulent time that we have been living through for over a year now. Currently, the film is free to watch on and you can view the trailer on YouTube below. The music the filmmaker chose to use is called “Mindful Piano” and can be purchased in my archive of royalty-free music. I am always so happy to hear from those who are using my music, especially when the project is so masterfully made and has impacted a lot of people. I hope you will enjoy watching it too!

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