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528 Hz Music Has Amazing Sleep Benefits for Listener

528 Hz Music Has Amazing Sleep Benefits for Listener

in Articles on December 2, 2021

Disclaimer: This is by no means a scientific study, simply an amazing case study from a listener.

The Story

I was really excited to hear from one of my listeners about a new piece of music I created called Magic in 528 Hz. It was one of my first attempts at 528 Hz music and I was wondering how it would be received. Many people listen to my ambient music on Insight Timer, especially at bedtime and to assist with sleep. I have received many messages from people about how powerful ambient meditation can be for sleep.

Even I listen to music every night (although not my own)! I think that is actually one of the big reasons why I have become an ambient music composer. It’s been such a huge part of my life for many years. I remember starting to listen to music to fall asleep almost 20 years ago. Eight hours of music every night for nearly 20 years…that’s over 58,000 hours of ambient music going into my subconscious! I never thought about that before until writing this. I highly recommend music as an aide for sleep, but 528 Hz has been a very new phenomenon to me.

I put as much energy and inspiration as I could into this new piece and put it out into the world, wondering what would happen. About a month ago, I got a message from someone named Peggy who has started listening to my new piece every day. Due to her results she has started doing a personal experiment into the power of 528 Hz music. Her experience was outstanding and I really wanted to share it.

The Results

Peggy told me that she had started listening to Magic in 528 Hz every day starting in October of 2021 and the affect on her deep sleep was huge. Here’s what she said:

“I happened to find your “Magic in 528 hz recently, and have had an amazing bonus from using it…. my deep sleep has literally doubled or tripled during the month of October as a result of listening to it every day. I generally listen to it upon waking during meditation. The reason I know about the effect on my sleep is because I wear my apple watch to bed and use an app to track my sleep. (The app is called ‘Auto Sleep‘.) Getting this much deep sleep has lessened the amount of overall sleep I need, and has given me an amazing amount of clarity and energy.”

The Data

The green color means “recommended amount of deep sleep”, yellow means “OK”, red means “not enough deep sleep”, and blue is “off the charts”. The blank days means that her Apple Watch ran out of battery power.

Change in Deep Sleep from September to October

Change in Deep Sleep from September to October

September Sleep Scores

September Sleep Scores<

October Sleep Scores

October Sleep Scores

What is 528 Hz?

528 Hz is popular in the meditation and new age community. Many believe the 528 Hz solfeggio frequency to be the “love frequency”, and that it provides many healing benefits, and that it resonates at the core of everything in nature. This piece is created using a 528 Hz tone playing in the background, with music harmonizing around it. I did this by creating a piece of music in the key of C, based on the tone of C5 which is 523.25 Hz. Once the piece was complete, I modified the entire composition to increase in pitch by 4.75 Hz. This resulted in the composition being based on this famous 528 Hz frequency instead of the modern key of C, which we all know and are exposed to so often. You might not even notice a difference when listening, unless you have perfect pitch or you try playing along with an instrument that has standard tuning. The standard tuning for Western music is that A is tuned to 440 Hz. Another popular tuning frequency in the meditation and mindfulness community is 432 Hz, which is just slightly lower than the standard tuning frequency.

Final Thoughts

As a composer, I am not qualified to make any sweeping proclamations about the science behind this, but I am so happy to hear that this piece of music has had such a profound impact for someone. Thank you, Peggy, for sharing all this with me. I am truly honored that you listen to my music and that it helps!

If anyone out there has any thoughts about music and sleep, meditation and sleep, or 528 Hz and sleep, please let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts and expertise on the matter.

Want to Try Listening?

I have a 1 hour loop of this music on Insight Timer. Let me know what you think!

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