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Royalty-Free Relaxation Music + ASMR Massage YouTube Channel = Amazing Results

Royalty-Free Relaxation Music + ASMR Massage YouTube Channel = Amazing Results

in Customer Features on May 16, 2022

I’m super happy to share the fantastic results of Shiatsu Shane, a massage therapist and YouTuber. He has been using my relaxation music in his channel to produce incredibly relaxing videos in addition to providing amazing experiences for his massage clients. I am always so thrilled to see my music used like this. It’s the perfect example of how to utilize affordable music licensing to create your own unique product and offering for others. When I set out to make this music, it was my hope that I would find people like Shane and that I’d be able to see how my music can help emphasize what they are doing. I’m so happy to see Shane’s videos succeed and to see how people really enjoy what he’s doing. Thank you so much for using my music in your videos, Shane! I hope it will continue to work well for you.

Support Shane by subscribing to his massage with music channel, subscribing to his main massage channel, donating to his Patreon page, and learning his massage techniques.

Here are some recent videos from Shane’s massage + music channel…

Blissful Healing Soft & Deep Tissue Back Massage with Relaxing Music

FEEDBACK FROM VIEWER: “Even though I don’t comment a lot… Shane your massages are soooooo relaxing. I’m behind you 💯” – YouTube viewer, JEWELS0610

Music Used: Blissful Healing by Chris Collins (Binaural Music)

Soft & Deep Tissue Back Massage To Ease Knots with Relaxing Music

FEEDBACK FROM VIEWER: “I would kill for this 🖤 looks amazing & love the music” – YouTube viewer, Logan Fix

Music Used: Binaural Journey by Chris Collins (Binaural Music)

Deeply Relaxing Neck, Shoulder & Back Seated Massage with Relaxing Music

FEEDBACK FROM VIEWER: “I love chair massages, both receiving them and watching them, and this is fantastic. So skilled, so satisfying. Thank you.” – YouTube viewer, mitchelltrio

Music Used: Unwind by Chris Collins (432 Hz, Binaural Music)

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