Breath of Zen (432 Hz, Binaural Music)

I hope you will enjoy this relaxing track featuring flute, synth pads, and harp. It has been modified to 432 Hz (AKA “The Frequency of the Universe”) and contains delta wave binaural beats. It is royalty-free and is suitable for relaxation, sleep, meditation, yoga, reiki, massage, ASMR, and more. “Breath of Zen” was written, arranged, and recorded by Chris Collins and is specifically designed for commercial and personal projects. 🙂

Download this free full-length preview with an audio watermark if you’d like to test the track in your project before purchasing.

What You’ll Receive:

  • a WAV and MP3 file (10 minutes long)
  • BONUS Extended Version MP3 (66 minutes long)

How to Credit the Composer:

Please credit “Chris Collins, https://indiemusicbox.com“.

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