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Royalty-Free Meditation Bell Pack

Royalty-Free Meditation Bell Pack

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15 different styles of meditation bell and meditation bowl sounds are available in this special, royalty-free collection. License these sounds with a quick and easy purchase in order to start using the royalty-free meditation bell sounds in your commercial or personal projects (according to the guidelines for use). The first bell sound can be downloaded for FREE here.

These meditation bell tracks can be used in guided meditations, yoga videos, YouTube meditation videos, massage therapy, reiki sessions, meditation classes, events, breathwork classes, ASMR videos, hypnosis sessions, hypnotherapy sessions, affirmation videos, relaxation videos, sleep meditations, podcasts, speaking engagements, live meditations, spoken word recordings, Insight Timer meditations, yoga nidra sessions, and more.

A huge library of royalty-free meditation music is also available, if you are interested!

Royalty-Free Meditation Bell Sounds Included:

Purchase this collection to license these sounds to legally use in your projects. The tracks are not sold separately and must be purchased within this bundle. However, you can get the first bell for free here.

Meditation Bell 1

Try the first bell as a FREE download here.

Meditation Bell 2

Meditation Bell 3

Meditation Bell 4

Meditation Bell 5

Meditation Bell 6

Meditation Bell 7

Meditation Bell 8

Meditation Bell 9

Meditation Bell 10

Meditation Bell 11

Meditation Bell 12

Meditation Bell 13

Meditation Bell 14

Meditation Bell 15

What You’ll Receive:

Upon purchase, you will receive download links to save the files to your computer. A ZIP file can be downloaded (which includes all of the sounds in one compressed folder) or each WAV file can be downloaded separately. These download links will be displayed on the final checkout page, in your emailed purchase receipt, and in your purchase history on your account (if created).

Get in touch with any questions.

How It Works

If you buy one of these tracks you can use it as background music in your commercial and personal projects. You can make money with your project. You can NOT sell, share, or distribute the music alone. You also may not use the music in any way that may inhibit others from using it. This includes submitting your project to a service that will automatically create copyright claims for others (such as Content ID). More info…

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If you’d like to make your own custom bundle, please add over $60 of individual tracks to your cart and use the discount code CUSTOMBUNDLE during checkout for 20% off. This coupon code does not apply to other bundles/albums.

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