Frequently Asked Questions

Are all these tracks written by one person?

Yes, the tracks are by the creator, Chris Collins.

Can I share your music with my friend who needs it for their project?

Please don’t! We charge very little for this music and believe that it is a wonderful, cost-effective service for creators like you. Keep in mind that we are also creators. It hurts our composer to not get that extra sale, so please ask them to come and download the track themselves. It’s not much money and it makes a big difference!

My download link expired! Can I download the track again?

We’re working on a better system for this. However, if it happens, email us. We will take a look in our logs to see if you actually bought the track and then can send you the file again.

Will you modify or alter these tracks for my film project?

Yes (with some exceptions), but it is not free! Get in touch to get a quote on that.

Hey, I bought your music on another site for more money than you’re asking for here! What’s up with that?!

We don’t have a definite price for our music. We have a minimum price for downloads here, but many customers pay more. We pride ourselves on being one of the least expensive options for royalty-free music, so that’s why we make it easier for folks to pay what they think the music is worth. In the case of Pond5, their minimum price for music is $5 and will soon be increasing to $15. We try to keep it as low as possible, but we also want to share our music with Pond5 customers.

If you see our music available elsewhere and it looks like it was not posted by us, please let us know!

So, can I be reimbursed for the extra money I paid by purchasing your tracks at Pond5?

No, sorry. The prices on Pond5 are more than fair! Feel free to buy new tracks on this site in the future, as they may be less money!

How often do you add new music?

We try to add new music at least once per month, sometimes weekly or more! Luckily, the site has been getting more popular, which gives us the support we need to write, record, produce, and publish more music that you can use! Tell your friends about us!

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