Are all these tracks written by one person?

Yes, the tracks are are all composed, recorded, and produced by Chris Collins.

How can I use this music in my project? Can I monetize?

If you buy one of these tracks you can use it as background music in your commercial and personal projects. You can make money with your project. You can NOT sell, share, or distribute the music alone. As long as you are making something new that uses the music in the background, you should be good to go! Additionally, the customer may in no way inhibit the ability for others to use the music in their projects. This includes submitting your project to a service that will create copyright claims against others using the music (such as Content ID). This music is not copyright-free, it is royalty-free, meaning that paying customers may use the music according to the guidelines of the creator (who is the copyright holder).

Where can I find my download links after purchasing music?

There are multiple ways to find your download links after purchasing:

  • They are displayed on the final checkout page after a completed purchase.
  • They are emailed to the email you used during purchase. Check your spam and promotions folders if you don’t see them within 10 minutes.
  • You can log in or sign up for an account (using the email used during purchase) and your downloads will be displayed on the Purchase History page.

If all else fails, email and we will be happy to send you your download links!

Can I post your music on my YouTube Channel?

You may NOT post the music alone on your YouTube channel. The general rule is that the music should be in the background of a new project. Good examples are guided meditations, yoga videos, and short films. Projects like these, with the music in the background, can be posted on YouTube and monetized. However, If your YouTube channel is devoted to sharing “relaxing music,” for example, you may not post the music there. This is an important guideline within our royalty-free license.

If you aren’t sure whether you can post it, ask yourself the following: “Is the focus of my video the music itself?” If the answer is yes, then you can’t post it. If the answer is no, then you can post it!

Good examples of acceptable uses of the music:

  • guided meditations (background music)
  • yoga videos (background music)
  • narrated videos (background music)
  • short films
  • movies
  • video games
  • podcast intros
  • ASMR videos (background music)
  • massage (background music)
  • yoga studio (background music)
  • online courses (background music)
  • in-person courses (background music)
  • affirmation recordings/videos (background music)
  • etc.

Unacceptable uses of music:

  • relaxing music videos and YouTube channels
  • free music giveaways to clients
  • SILENT affirmation recordings/videos (your voice must be audible over the music for these types of projects)

Why are you charging for “royalty-free” music?

It is a common misconceptions that “royalty-free” means “free”, but that is not the case. Royalty-free music allows those who have obtained a license to use the music in their project (according to the guidelines of the creator) without the need to pay ongoing royalties to the creator. Most royalty-free music has a fee to use. We have an article that explains royalty-free music in more detail.

Can I share your music with my friend who needs it for their project?

Please don’t! We charge very little for this music and believe that it is a wonderful, cost-effective service for creators like you. Keep in mind that we are also creators. It hurts our composer to not get that extra sale, so please ask them to come and download the track themselves. It’s not much money and it makes a big difference!

Will you modify or alter these tracks for my film project?

Yes (with some exceptions), but it is not free! Get in touch to get a quote on that.

Hey, I bought your music on another site for more money than you’re asking for here! What’s up with that?!

We don’t have a definite price for our music. We have a minimum price for downloads here, but many customers pay more. We pride ourselves on being one of the least expensive options for royalty-free music, so that’s why we make it easier for folks to pay what they think the music is worth. In the case of Pond5, their minimum price for music is $15. We try to keep it as low as possible, but we also want to share our music with Pond5 customers.

If you see our music available elsewhere and it looks like it was not posted by us, please let us know!

So, can I be reimbursed for the extra money I paid by purchasing your tracks at Pond5?

No, sorry. The prices on Pond5 are more than fair! Feel free to buy new tracks on this site in the future, as they may be less money!

How often do you add new music?

We try to add new music at least once per month, sometimes weekly!

Why is the music not being added to my cart?

This is a rare issue that is due to a browser problem. Please try using a different browser and that should solve the problem. You can also try clearing your browser cache and updating your browser to the latest version.

I want to buy a bundle of tracks, but I don’t like the bundles you have for sale. What can I do?

If you’d like to make your own custom bundle, please add over $60 of individual tracks to your cart and use the discount code CUSTOMBUNDLE during checkout for 20% off. This coupon code does not apply to other bundles/albums. Please add only individual tracks for this deal. Thank you!

Do I have to credit the composer?

It is not required, but it is definitely requested! Whenever possible, please credit the composer as follows: “Music by Chris Collins,

Joscelyn Reyes at 7:57 pm

Hello I am new to royalty music
My question is can I use this on a YouTube video I create after purchasing a song ? Thank. You

Chris Collins at 8:26 am

Hi Joscelyn – Thank you for your interest in my music! You may use it on YouTube (after purchasing) as long as you are not posting the music alone. It must be in the background of a new creation. I hope that helps!

Mary at 6:46 pm

Hello, Chris!

I purchased one of your songs to use as background music for a Guided Mediation video….Can you please give me the written format in which I can cite/credit you for the music at the end of the video?

Thank you,

Chris Collins at 8:51 am

Thank you so much for purchasing and using it for your guided meditation video, Mary! It would be great if you could credit both my name and website URL. Something like this would be perfect:

Music by Chris Collins,

Ally at 12:22 am

Thanks so much for the beautiful music and for being so clear about how it can be used. I find this very helpful. I have just started out making and sharing meditations and I feel your music brings a beautiful vibe. I can highly recommend. Thanks!

Chris Collins at 8:29 am

Thank you so much, Ally! That is very kind. Good luck with your meditations. I hope my music works well for you. 🙂

Gavin at 12:42 pm

Can I use on youtube and monetize after purchase?

Chris Collins at 9:24 am

Hi Gavin – After purchasing, you may use it in the background of your creation. You may not repost or share the music alone. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

Samantha at 9:00 pm

I’m interested in study music. How exactly does royalty free work? And do you have Amy dark celtik?

Chris Collins at 9:23 am

Hi! I have an article that explains how royalty-free music works, which you can check out here! My music license has specific guidelines, but as long as you follow them, you can use the music and monetize your projects.

The closest thing that I have to dark celtic music at the moment would be Highland Harmonies. I’m not sure if that would work for you!

Jaqueline at 9:45 pm

Hello. Could you please answer this question: after I purchasing the album music can i download in the pen drive? Thank you.

Chris Collins at 9:06 am

Hi Jacqueline, thank you for your question! Yes, you should be able to download the files to a pen drive, provided that it has enough space for the files. I hope that helps!


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