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The royalty-free music on this site may be used (after purchasing) in the background of your projects. Your project may be monetized and additional royalties will not be owed. However, you must follow the following guidelines…

You Can:

  • Use the music in the background of your project after purchasing
  • Sell, monetize, distribute, and stream your project (provided that it is distinctly different from the original music)
  • Play the music during in-person or online classes
  • Play the music in storefronts, yoga studios, and physical establishments
  • Modify the length of the music for use in the background of your project
  • Use the music indefinitely
  • Use the music in multiple projects

As long as you are making something new (with the music in the background), there are very few restrictions on what you can do with your creation!

Please credit the composer whenever possible:

Music by Chris Collins,

You Can Not:

  • Steal the music without purchasing a license
  • Share or distribute the music
  • Repost the music alone (such as on “relaxing music” YouTube Channels)
  • Stream the music alone on an app or other online service (use Adaptr to stream the music on apps, or get in touch for a special agreement)
  • Submit your project to a content identification service (such as ContentID)
  • Sell or distribute slightly modified or lengthened versions of the music
  • Use the music in any way that may inhibit others from using it
  • Use one license for all of your clients (if you are creating projects for others, each client needs a license)

So, wait…it’s royalty-free music and it’s NOT free?!

No. Royalty-free music is not the same as free music. This is a common misconception. Royalty-free music means that there are no royalties paid to the creator of the music when you use it, provided that you obtain the music legally and follow the guidelines of the creator and copyright-holder. Usually there is a fee to license the music.

Most of the music on this site has an inexpensive fee to license. We also offer a handful of free tracks.

Good Examples of How to Use The Music:

  • Background Music for Guided Meditations
  • Background Music for Online Classes
  • Background Music for Yoga Videos
  • Soundtrack Music for Films
  • Soundtrack Music for Video Games
  • Music for Commercials
  • Intro/Outro Music for Podcasts
  • Etc.

If you have any questions, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Sound good?

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Important Note: Due to the fact that many people are using my music in their projects, I cannot guarantee that false copyright claims will not occur. I do everything in my power to prevent this, but you may occasionally have to dispute a false claim and it will be up to the other party to release the claim. This issue is rare, but it can happen. Please be advised that this is a possibility and an unfortunate risk when using royalty-free music. These claims are usually created by computer algorithms (not real people). Fortunately, they can almost always be cleared up quickly and easily. Here is my recommended process for dealing with that. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Refund Policy: Please read and review our Refund Policy before purchasing.

My Pledge to You:

This website is free of AI content. The music you hear is created from real, human passion and heart. ♥

Please help me in my mission to prevent art from being automated! It is one of the best things about humanity. We can’t let that go!

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