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How to Make a Guided Meditation with Music

A lot of folks have come to me hoping to learn how to make a guided meditation with music. Surprisingly, it’s not all that hard to do! I’m going to walk you through an easy way to do this (and have it sound good) on a limited budget. Ready? Let’s go!

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What Is Royalty-Free Music and How Does It Work?

Over the years I’ve encountered a lot of questions from people confused about what royalty-free music is and how it works. I’ll admit, I’ve even been confused at times, especially when I was just starting to write royalty-free music about 10 years ago. This article will clear up what royalty-free music is and also provide some guidelines for how you can use the music available on this website.

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What do I do if I receive a copyright claim?

If you get a copyright claim (on YouTube or elsewhere), it is nothing to panic over. It rarely happens. On the off chance that you do receive one, it doesn’t mean a strike has been created against you or your channel. Also, there is an easy (and quick) way to resolve this.

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What Are Binaural Beats, How Does Binaural Music Work, and Where Can You Download Binaural Tracks for Your Project?

If you are wondering what is up with binaural beats and binaural music, look no further! I put together this article, which will explain everything and also show you how to easily license binaural tracks for your projects.

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How to Get Background Music for Guided Meditations on Insight Timer

So you’re looking to become a teacher on Insight Timer! I’m here to help you learn about the process and to provide resources for creating your own guided meditations, including how to get background music for Insight Timer and how to record and edit your mediations. I’ll also provide specific details about how to upload your tracks, how to credit your contributors properly, how income is earned, and also some tips to perform well on Insight Timer.

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