Terms of Use / Terms of Submission

The following Terms of Use limit Indie Music Box'(indiemusicbox.com), liability and the liability of the creator and owner (Christopher W. Collins / Chris Collins Creative) of this website, domain, and media/content therein. By visiting, submitting to, and using this website and the service it provides these terms of use may affect your rights. By accessing or utilizing this site and the media therein, you accept and agree to these Terms of Use.

If you are an individual representing this website on behalf of another person, entity, company, or employer, you agree to represent the represented party and must have full legal authority to do so. If you do not have the necessary rights or authority, do not utilize this website and the media contained.

Alterations to Legal Terms

Indie Music Box and it’s owners/creators may change these Terms of Use and how the project is managed at any time and for any reason. Indie Music Box and its creators also reserve the right to alter, manage, remove, and change the details of any media contained within. This may include all files, the presentation of such files, and also the price.

You are urged and warned to check and review these Terms of Use from time to time. Your continued access to this website constitute your agreement and acceptance of any changes.

Content and Media

Indie Music Box, Christopher W. Collins, Chris Collins Creative and its owners provide a platform for creators of recorded audio and media to submit music to be sold and downloaded without any copyright restrictions. The submitted media may be downloaded by and licensed to any customers and users of the site.

No content of any kind may be submitted unless the entity doing so retains all necessary rights to the content being submitted. Any person or entity submitting to Indie Music Box hereby absolve Indie Music Box, Christopher W. Collins, Chris Collins Creative, and it’s creators of any responsibility or ramifications of using, distributing, or selling media protected by copyright or any other intellectual property restrictions of any kind. Media submitted must be classified as royalty-free and be available for anyone to use freely in their projects without being required to pay royalties.

In other words, Indie Music Box, Christopher W. Collins, Chris Collins Creative, and its creators are acting as a tool for independent contractors/creators (the submitter) to sell their royalty-free music. DO NOT submit your work unless you are aware and willing to distribute your work to others looking to use, alter, and profit upon your media in their projects. Anyone offering and submitting media or content to this website to be sold or posted are acting as an independent contractor. Submissions or participation on this website do not constitute an employment relationship, partnership, joint venture franchise, or fiduciary relationship between the parties.

You agree to release and hold harmless Indie Music Box, Christopher W. Collins, Chris Collins Creative, and its creators for any damages arising out of your use of the Website, including the media you submit, the media you provide, and the website performance and quality.

Indie Music Box, Christopher W. Collins, Chris Collins Creative, its creators, employees, users, and submitting composers shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, special, general, punitive, exemplary, consequential, or incidental damages as well as any lost profits, costs, other damages, or infringement upon any kind of intellectual property rights. Any fees or risk involved with your involvement in this website and the media submitted to this website are upon you.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless all parties associated with Indie Music Box, Christopher W. Collins, Chris Collins Creative, and the users/creators of this website against any and all claims, liability, or breaches committed from your participation and use of this website as well as the content submitted.

If you believe any content on this website to be in violation of intellectual property or otherwise, please contact info@indiemusicbox.com and we will immediate work to resolve the problem and remove any content in violation/

What Does Royalty-Free Mean?

The media contained and submitted to this website is described as “royalty-free”. Customers who pay the fee to download said media may use it without restriction in their multimedia projects, such as films, presentations, and creative projects. They may not distribute, sell, or share the original music itself to others, but instead direct them to Indie Music Box (indiemusicbox.com). While the composer retains the copyright of the music, they are granting customers the right to use said music without paying royalties.

For more information, please read our article “What is Royalty-Free Music and How Does it Work?”.