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What to Do if You Receive a Copyright Claim!

July 1, 2016 |

Copyright claim? Don’t worry! If you used some of our music on YouTube and received a copyright claim, don’t freak out! The music you purchased is indeed royalty-free and you have every right to monetize it on YouTube or elsewhere. Why is this happening? If a copyright claim occurs, it is most likely because someone just like you used the music in a project and YouTube’s content recognition is mistaking that content for yours. What do I do? All you have to do is dispute the claim on YouTube. They provide a link to dispute it. Simply state that you purchased the track and that it is royalty-free. YouTube is usually very good about resolving claims and you will likely be monetizing that video in no time! And if it doesn’t work? Get in touch by emailing info@indiemusicbox.com

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What Does “Royalty-Free” Mean?

June 15, 2016 |

What Does “Royalty-Free” Mean? There is often a lot of confusion about what “royalty-free” means. Here’s some information to clear up any confusion you may have. What’s the deal with royalty-free? What does royalty-free mean? Here’s a great description: Royalty-free, or RF, refers to the right to use copyrighted material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use or per volume sold, or some time period of use or sales. via Wikipedia Royalty-Free does not mean “FREE” This is a common misconception. Just because something is labeled “royalty-free” does not mean it is free to take and use. The word “free” in “royalty-free” refers to the fact that it is free of paying royalties. A similar example would be something that is labeled “sugar-free”. Just because the word “free” is in a sugar-free product at the store doesn’t mean that you can walk out and…    read more 

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