Save Big on Royalty-Free Meditation Music and Yoga Music!

Save Big on Royalty-Free Meditation Music and Yoga Music!

May 11, 2018 |

Save 25% on Royalty-Free Meditation Music! We’re currently having a big sale this spring and don’t want you to miss out! All of our music, including meditation, yoga, and relaxing music tracks are all 25% OFF, if you use the coupon code SPRING18 during checkout. Since royalty-free meditation music, in particular, has been in high demand lately, we wanted to make sure you are aware that you can save big if you act now! Here are some of our tracks that you may be interested in: 10 Minute Meditative State Our original meditation track and one of the most popular pieces we have done. It’s simple, but very soothing and ideal for many applications. It can be looped to be much longer than 10 minutes and comes with both a two hour and ten hour version of the music. Piano Meditation This track is currently our most popular on the…    read more 

Pure Relaxation

Spring Sale: 25% OFF All Music (Through June 20, 2018)

Here in New England, we’re starting to feel the warmth of spring creeping in, and with it comes new creative inspiration! If you’re feeling that too, you may need some music for your new project idea. We have a lot of new music in our library, including some brand new relaxing meditation/yoga tracks. Offering 25% OFF All Royalty-Free Music (Through June 20, 2018) You can get 25% off your order(s) through June 20th by using the coupon code: SPRING18 Browse our archive of music and pick whatever you like. Recent Tracks  

Twilight Keys - royalty-free music

Pay What You Want for Hours of Royalty-Free Music

June 2, 2016 |

Our royalty-free music library has a ton of music, ranging from $0 and up, so there’s always a deal going on. However, there’s a REALLY good deal going on for the next 12 days. We’ve partnered with the great site Groupees as a part of their royalty-free bundle of music. For the next 2 weeks, buyers can name their price ($1 minimum) for this awesome collection of 10+ royalty-free albums and collections and choose for part of their contribution to be donated to MyMusicRx, a charity that brings concerts, music lessons and games to children with cancer and other serious illnesses. My music will be available alongside many other amazing royalty-free composers. I hope you’ll check it out! Get the Bundle Now! Here Are The Tracks We Put In The Royalty-Free Music Bundle Hivemind  Orange + Blue Shimmering Light We The Machine Discovery Ice Smooth and Cool What’cha Waiting For? You can…    read more