Meditative Music Album

Save money by purchasing this bundle of royalty-free meditation music by Chris Collins. Use these meditative music tracks in your guided meditations, yoga videos, reiki sessions, massage practices, ASMR videos, hypnotherapy sessions, and much much more.

The tracks in the “Meditative Music Album” are available individually as well as part of the album! Click the links below to visit each track page if you would like to buy a single track instead of the album.

What You’ll Receive:

“Meditative Soundscape (432 hz + Binaural Beats)” (10:00 in length + 1 Hour BONUS MP3)
“Presence of Peace” (10:00 in length + 30 Min & 1 Hour BONUS MP3s)
“Stress Melt” (20:00 in length + 5 Min, 10 Min, 30 Min, & 1 Hour BONUS MP3s)
“Endless Presence” (15:00 in length + 1.5 Hour BONUS MP3)
“Delta Dream (with Binaural Beats)” (10:00 in length + 30 Min & 1 Hour BONUS MP3s)
“Whispers in the Wind” (11:31 in Length + No Nature Sounds Version)

How to Credit the Composer:

Please credit “Chris Collins, indiemusicbox.com” whenever possible.

Want more meditation music?

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