Chris Collins Meditation Music Collection

Get the complete collection of Chris Collins meditation music! (Royalty-Free)

You may have found Chris’ music on the Insight Timer app, on YouTube, or elsewhere. He has been composing royalty-free meditation music for many years and is offering the complete collection here. This collection of royalty-free music would normally be hundreds of dollars, but you can get it now for much less!

Once purchased, you may use this music royalty-free in your projects, but you may not distribute or resell the original files. Create something new with the music!

ALL versions of each track (such as the longer versions) are included in this purchase. Click the title of each track to see what versions are included.

NOTE: With this purchase you will receive all current meditation music. Any future releases will have to be purchased separately.

Track List

10 Minute Meditative State

Piano Meditation

Pure Relaxation

Morning Meditation


Heart Meditation

30 Minute Meditative State

Inner Light

Om Meditation Music – 432 Hz

Blissful Healing – Binaural Beats / Delta Waves

Deep Sleep

Forest Meditation

Calm Meditation

Living Meditation

Cosmos Meditation

5 Minute Meditative State

45 Minute Meditative State

Green Tea

New Mindfulness

Soothing Oasis

Rhythmic Empowerment

Zen Flow

Infinite Calm

Binaural Journey – Delta / Theta / Alpha / Beta / Gamma Wave Music

One With The Universe

Presence of Peace

Stress Melt

Whispers in the Wind

Delta Dream

Endless Presence

Meditative Soundscape (432Hz, Binaural Music)

Symphonic Meditation

Highland Harmonies

Unwind (432 Hz, Binaural Music)

Finding Stillness (Binaural Music)

Mindful Piano