Royalty-Free Music Showcase: ASMR Video

This is new! We have never had anyone use our royalty-free music in an ASMR video. Just in case you were wondering, ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response” and is an experience of tingling on the skin that is often induced by sound such as whispering. The popular ASMR artist, Isabel, used our track […]

Client Feature: Relaxing Hand Massage Tutorial

Check out this great hand massage tutorial video by GalaxyDreaming on YouTube. They used our royalty-free music, Living Meditation. The finished product is great! Get “Living Meditation” for Your Next Project All music on Indie Music Box is royalty-free and can be used in commercial products. Click the button below to get the track featured […]

5 Guided Meditations Using Royalty-Free Music

Below is a playlist of five guided meditations using royalty-free music from Indie Music Box. Listen, enjoy, and feel free to use some of our meditation music in your next project. Thank you to the customers who used these tracks in their guided meditations. Our 3 Most Popular Royalty-Free Meditation Tracks 10 Minute Meditative State 30 Minute […]

3 New Royalty-Free Music Downloads

Hello! We have 3 new royalty-free music downloads available for you all. Just a reminder that customers can use these tracks without limitation. There are no view limits or project limits. No gimmicks! If you purchase the track, you have my permission to use this music and make money with it. The only thing I […]