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Featured Project - Surrender: 10 Days to Letting Go by Katie O'Connor

Featured Project – Surrender: 10 Days to Letting Go by Katie O’Connor

August 17, 2020 |

Every once and a while we like to feature a project that uses music from Indie Music Box. This recently launched course by coach Katie O’Connor is an amazing example of how our ambient meditation and relaxation music is being used out in the world. Thank you so much to Katie for using our music for this project. Learn more about the course (and Katie) below. About the Instructor Katie O’Connor is a Relationship Coach and meditation teacher who specializes in teaching women how to turn their sensitivity into their super power. She always has something new going on, so be sure to follow her on Instagram. Currently she has two main offerings available: Surrender: 10 Days to Letting Go and a free guide called From Grumpy to Goddess (so you can get what you want in relationships)! Surrender: 10 Days to Letting Go Katie’s new course combines soothing music…    read more 

Meditation Music + Humpback Whales in 4K

Meditation Music + Humpback Whales in 4K

June 23, 2020 |

I am always happy to hear from customers who are using my music in their projects. Recently I heard from an amazing creator who is using some of my royalty-free meditation music in his gorgeous videos featuring humpback whales. Peter Schneider is a nature filmmaker specializing in the creation of nature films, documentaries, travel films, stock footage and more. He does it all, acting as cameraman, director, producer, editor, best boy, and diver. The results are outstanding and I am proud to have my music featured in his projects! Peter ventures into the the ocean to capture these fantastic shots of humpback whales. He also captures the incomparable sounds of these gentle giants. I am impressed with how well the music combines with the sound of the whales and the breathtaking visuals Peter is able to capture. His underwater films are captured in 4K using a Sony Alpha 7Rll and…    read more 

Waiting in the Woods

Royalty-Free Music Showcase: What is Energy?

August 22, 2017 |

Thank you to this customer who made this fantastic video called “What is Energy?” The video was made for the 2017 Flame Challenge, by the Alda-Kavli Learning Center for Science Communication. The goal of the contest was to explain a science topic to 11 year-olds in five minutes or less. They used our completely free royalty free music track, Waiting in the Woods. Use the button below to get it for your project, or browse our archive for more royalty free music.

Royalty-Free Music Showcase: ASMR Video

Royalty-Free Music Showcase: ASMR Video

March 20, 2017 |

This is new! We have never had anyone use our royalty-free music in an ASMR video. Just in case you were wondering, ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response” and is an experience of tingling on the skin that is often induced by sound such as whispering. The popular ASMR artist, Isabel, used our track 30 Minute Meditative State in this video. You can watch the video below! Want this music for your project?

Royalty-Free Music Showcase: Guided Meditation for Hikers

Royalty-Free Music Showcase: Guided Meditation for Hikers

March 6, 2017 |

This is so cool! I love seeing what customers use our music for. I never thought there would be a hiker-specific meditation made using one of the tracks. A special thanks goes out to Mallory Zingone, a certified professional coach and head of Your Adventure Coach, for using Forest Meditation in her project. Below is a preview of her guided meditation. You can get the full meditation here. Want this music for your project?

Living Meditation - Royalty-Free Meditation Music

Client Feature: Relaxing Hand Massage Tutorial

October 19, 2016 |

Check out this great hand massage tutorial video by GalaxyDreaming on YouTube. They used our royalty-free music, Living Meditation. The finished product is great! Get “Living Meditation” for Your Next Project All music on Indie Music Box is royalty-free and can be used in commercial products. Click the button below to get the track featured in this video.

5 Guided Meditations Using Royalty-Free Music

October 12, 2016 |

Below is a playlist of five guided meditations using royalty-free music from Indie Music Box. Listen, enjoy, and feel free to use some of our meditation music in your next project. Thank you to the customers who used these tracks in their guided meditations. Our 3 Most Popular Royalty-Free Meditation Tracks 10 Minute Meditative State 30 Minute Meditative State Living Meditation