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Royalty-Free Music for Meditators – on Insight Timer

August 15, 2017 |

We’re super happy to announce that we have a new page on the Insight Timer app website. Our meditation tracks have been doing well on the app, getting well over 100,000 hours of playtime from over 60,000 meditators. It’s been a delight to be a part of this amazing app and provide music for meditators. You can check out our new page using the button below. Visit Insight Timer Get the Royalty-Free Music

Indie Music Box

Indie Music Box Named One of The Top Independent Music Blogs on The Internet

June 8, 2017 |

Thank you Feedspot! Thank you so much to Feedspot for awarding Indie Music Box a place in their list of the Top 25 Independent Music Blogs on the Internet. We feel very honored to even be considered for this. It means a lot to have people appreciate the music we put out into the world for independent creators to use. I hope the website continues to grow and the music continues to be used in more and more films and projects. Thanks again Feedspot!

Twilight Keys - royalty-free music

Get TONS of Royalty-Free Music in This Bundle

May 8, 2017 |

Check Out All The Music in This Groupees Bundle! We’re honored to again be part of a royalty-free music bundle at Groupees. This is your chance to get tons of royalty-free music for super cheap. And also part of the proceeds go to charity (MyMusicRX). We chose to offer an album of ten tracks heavily featuring piano. These are some of our favorites. You can get our album and a whole lot more by choosing how much you are able to give. See the button below to get our royalty-free music! Visit Groupees As always, thank you so much for your support and patronage. Feel free to browse our library of tracks if you are in the market for something. 🙂 This bundle only runs for a limited amount of time, so don’t miss it. However, if you do miss it, you can still get the tracks we are offering…    read more 

Lord Martin

10 Royalty-Free Soundtrack Pieces to Use in Your Film

April 3, 2017 |

Below are 10 royalty-free soundtrack pieces that you can use in your film! They are all available in our archive or you can get them right all below. 1. Beautiful Insanity 2. Eternity 3. Charge! 4. A Hero Awakens 5. Scheming Squirrels 6. Exploration 7. Mushrooms 8. The Bear and the Sparrow 9. Lord Martin 10. Call the Bannermen

Royalty-Free Music Showcase: ASMR Video

Royalty-Free Music Showcase: ASMR Video

March 20, 2017 |

This is new! We have never had anyone use our royalty-free music in an ASMR video. Just in case you were wondering, ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response” and is an experience of tingling on the skin that is often induced by sound such as whispering. The popular ASMR artist, Isabel, used our track 30 Minute Meditative State in this video. You can watch the video below! Want this music for your project?

Royalty-Free Music Showcase: Guided Meditation for Hikers

Royalty-Free Music Showcase: Guided Meditation for Hikers

March 6, 2017 |

This is so cool! I love seeing what customers use our music for. I never thought there would be a hiker-specific meditation made using one of the tracks. A special thanks goes out to Mallory Zingone, a certified professional coach and head of Your Adventure Coach, for using Forest Meditation in her project. Below is a preview of her guided meditation. You can get the full meditation here. Want this music for your project?

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